Learning Spanish

Why Am I the Best Way to Learn Spanish?

Free Lesson Plan. You can Learn Spanish with my Free Posted Lesson Plan and improve your knowledge with a Skype Class.

Price. It is my website, so that don´t have to share my income with some big corporation. When selecting a tutor, it’s helpful to consider what you’re willing to spend so you can decide if you’d like more lessons with a less expensive teacher or fewer lessons with one who charges more.

Teacher’s experience. I am an experienced teacher, which makes easier to explain difficult concepts and come across more conversational.

The teacher’s fluency in English. Particularly if you’re a beginning Spanish student, you might want to find a teacher who speaks some English. This way, if you’re struggling with a concept or grammar rule, your tutor will be able to explain it to you in English. It’s also less daunting than diving in with a teacher who can only speak Spanish. I speak English.

Class size. Some services offer one-on-one teaching. Others offer group classes. One-On-One teaching ensures that material is always at your level, knowing your preference will help you find your ideal class scenario. All my classes are One-On-One.

Material. I provide you all material needed for your lesson, it is on electronic files, it is sent to you before the class. You can study and review anytime you want.