Use of Indeed




really or certainly, often used to emphasize something:

Indeed, it could be the worst environmental disaster in Europe this century.
Evidence suggests that errors may indeed be occurring.
We live in strange times indeed.
mainly uk Many people are very poor indeed.

used to express that something is correct:

«Is this your dog?» «It is indeed.»/»Indeed it is.»
Yes, I did indeed say that.

used to add some extra information that develops or supports something you have just said:

For such creatures, speed is not important – indeed it is counterproductive.
I am happy, indeed proud, to be associated with this project.



used to express surprise, anger, or lack of belief or interest:

«She said she won’t come back until Monday.» «Won’t she, indeed?»
«When will we get a pay rise?» «When indeed?»



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