How to Identify the Speaker Final Choice or Decision in TOEFL Dialogues

Examples of Dialogues to Identify the Speaker Final Choice or decision after a change of opinion on the listening Section on the Institutional TOEFL.

Do you need a ride to the airport?

Thanks, anyway. I thought I would, but I have my car back now.

What’ll you have?

Give me the eggs and potatoes. Oh, wait a minute. How about the eggs and pancakes?

girl scout cookies

How many boxes of Girl Scout cookies did you order?

What is the area code from which you are calling?

I thought you said it was eight cents a copy.

I did, but it´s ten cents a copy when you make fewer than twenty copies, and you have only fifteen.

How much to send a one-page fax?

One dollar. Oh, wait a minute. This is an overseas transmission. That´s two fifty.

Let me see. There´s a documentary about wolves on Channel Three.

That sounds pretty interesting, but I´d rather go to the movies.

Do you want large bills or twenties.

Give me twenties, please. Oh, wait, maybe I should take two fifties and the rest in twenties.

Where shall we go for lunch? It´s your turn to choose.

How about The Country Kitchen, or better yet, The Old House.

Will you be home again late tonight?

I´m afraid so. But I should be able to get away by six, or let´s say seven, just to be on the safe side.