a thin piece of wood or other material.

The old man was carrying a load of sticks.
Police said that the child had been beaten with a stick.
Find some dry sticks and we’ll make a campfire.
A lollipop is a sweet on a stick.


an area in the countryside that is far from a town or city.

I’m sick of living in the sticks.


severe criticism

I really got/took stick from my boss about being late for work again.
We gave him some stick for wearing that silly hat.


to cause something to become fixed, for example with glue or another similar substance:

I tried to stick the pieces together with some glue/tape.
He stuck up an announcement on the board with pins.
This glue won’t stick.
My car’s stuck in the mud.
Stir the sauce so that it doesn’t stick to the pan.
My book got wet and all the pages have stuck together.


If a name sticks, it continues to be used:

Although her name is Clare, her little sister called her Lali, and somehow the namestuck.


to put something somewhere, especially in a not very carefulway:

«Where shall I put these books?» «Oh, just stick them on the table for now.»
She stuck her fingers in her ears so that she couldn’t hear the noise.
I’ll pay for lunch – I can stick it on my expenses.


If you tell someone to stick something or where they can stick something, it means that you do not want to keep that thing:

«I’ve had enough of working here,» she said, «You can stick your job!»


to push a pointed object into or through something, or (of a pointed object) to be pushed into or through something and stay there:

She stuck the needle into my arm.
We decided where to go for our holiday by closing our eyes and sticking a pin in the map.
A thorn stuck in her finger.
The metal springs were sticking through the mattress.


In some card games, if you stick, you say that you do not want to be given any more cards.


to bear or accept something or someone unpleasant:

I don’t think I can stick this job a day longer.
[ + -ing verb ] I don’t know how you can stick living in this place.


to push something pointed into or through something, or to be pushed into or through something:

[ T ] I simply cannot watch when someone sticks a needle in my arm.
[ I ] He throws the knife, and the blade sticks in the wall.


to attach or become attached:

[ T ] Stick the tape to the back of the picture.
[ I ] It was so hot that my clothes stuck to me.


to put something somewhere, usuallytemporarily:

Stick the packages under the table for now.


If you stick out your tongue, you push your tongue out of your mouth, usually as an insult:

She stuck her tongue out at him and smiled.


to be fixed in position and unable to move:

The window sticks, making it hard to shut it.


to stay at the same level or position for a long time:

stick/be stuck at sth The bank’s main money market rate has been stuck at 4.50% for eight weeks.
The needle on the oil gauge keeps sticking.