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I cannot be a teacher without exposing who I am

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Hello, thank you very much for visiting me, from now on you can count on me to answer any questions or just to get to know each other.
I am passionate about meeting new people, nature and outdoor sports.
I studied computer science, and a master’s degree in statistics. I also have training in pedagogy for adolescents and adults, which has helped me a lot in one of my jobs as a university professor.

Hooray live alive!!

Spanish Teacher.

Good to Know.

About languages, I have studied and taught basic and intermediate English with very satisfactory results, and I have started teaching the Spanish language applying a methodology based on practice and execution, not exams, not memorization tests, but real situations.

Work Experience.

I have worked in places where the correct use of the Spanish language is essential, with adequate writing and public speaking techniques.
Government of Puebla, Statistics Institute of Mexico, University Professor.


Computer science at university, and Master’s degree in statistics
Pedagogy courses focused on adolescents and adults.

There is no failure. Only feedback



Tour guide

I go out to the countryside or to the mountains, with the appropriate knowledge to guide groups, enjoy and learn a lot.


Technical language

Due to my training in exact sciences, I can manage an adequate language in English and Spanish in the areas of computing and mathematics.


Communication techniques

Due to my work experience, I have acquired the most appropriate writing and communication techniques with the public.

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In general, I really like simplicity and practicality more than complexity, but if the situation is difficult by nature, I work as much as possible to be able to simplify it and teach it in the best way.
I am an easy-going person who simply cannot conflict.

We can meet through email: or

WhatsApp: +52-222-666-9772


Rate: 10 USD per hour

First 3 classes for free


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 7:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.

America/Mexico_city GMT -6:00


Spanish and english


Conversation, grammar, colloquial or technical language in computer science and mathematics.


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