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Luis Spanish Teacher

“Any achievement begins from a decision to try something new”

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I studied Mechanical Engineering in Mexico and a Master in Business Administration in Spain. I am a ME with a major in Hydraulics.

My passion is to meet different people around the world. I have many foreign friends that speak English with me and I had had the opportunity to learn about their cultures because of our conversations.

I worked for an elevators’ company for 4 years as a Design Engineer that gave me the chance to lead projects in Mexico and now, I am a freelancer and I do 2D and 3D drawings for educational purposes and I really love to teach Spanish and English languages for those who they need them.

I think learning languages enriches us and allows to communicate to each another, so let’s get started!

“Let’s have fun while learning”

English Teacher

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In my last work, I used communicative approach for teaching foreign languages. My students have shown good results and started speaking after two months of our lessons. Each one came from a unique background and I found the best method of teaching for adjusting myself to meet their individual needs.

Work Experience.

I was a private tutor in other topics as well, not only languages but also Math and Mechanical Engineering subjects. In my previous job, I was in contact with many people around the world, including Russia, Brazil, China and Austria, mainly. I wrote emails and had meetings in English with them, so my skills for this language is fluent.


I was born in Mexico and that’s why I am a native Spanish speaker. I graduated from the National Polytechnic Institute in Mechanical Engineering and I got my English B2 level during my bachelor’s degree from CENLEX.

“Patience is a virtue”

My Skills.



I can make my lessons interesting using additional media like videos related with your own interests, images like cards set or even music, books, articles, and more.


Communicative approach

Using this skill allows me to make my students speak Spanish as fast as possible.


Language proficiency

With my advanced and actual level of English and Spanish, I can teach easily and solve all of their inquiries about any kind of subject.

“Waiting for you”

Classes &

Due to the actual situation with pandemic, I only teach online.

E-mail: danrosasl1893@gmal.com

Social media:

WhatsApp / Telegram +52-553-572-9075

VK: https://vk.com/dan.rosas93


250 MXN per hour



8:00 AM to 7:00 PM


Spanish and English


Accent Reduction, Business Spanish, Grammar Development, Listening Comprehension, Phonetics, Speaking Practice, Writing Correction, Engineering, Vocabulary Development.  


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