How to Take a Spanish lesson?

If you’re looking for a completely real Native Teacher who can help you to improve your Spanish skills, don´t get out of this website, it is perfect for you. I offer you the best way to Learn Spanish, it combines an effective Spanish Lessons Plan that you can take for free just following the lessons on my website and One-On-One In Person Class or via Skype. Classes are at the date, time and place that fit you best.



How to Book a Spanish Lesson?

First, booking your trial lesson.

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Why to Learn Spanish with a Skype Tutor?

Learning through online video chat can be exciting, it’s incredibly convenient and effective.

  • It is cheaper than taking In Person Classes.
  • You do not have to travel to a specific destination, you save time.

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The Best Way to Learn Spanish

You can Learn Spanish with my Free Posted Lesson Plan and improve your knowledge with a Skype Class.

When selecting a tutor, it’s helpful to consider what you’re willing to spend so you can decide if you’d like more lessons with a less expensive teacher or fewer lessons with one who charges more.

I am an experienced teacher, which makes easier to explain difficult concepts and come across more conversational.

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In Person Lessons

Gain creative thinking skills and the ability to fluently communicate in Spanish.

Classes available in Mexico City and Calgary.



Skype Lesson

Sharing my screen and using it as a blackboard, you simply learn as you were in a classroom.

First, booking your trial lesson.

You can chat with me, send me a message, email me, or send me a whats app text. Tell me that you are interested in taking a trial lesson.