How to Select Details in TOEFL Dialogues


How to Select Details in TOEFL Dialogues

Examples of Dialogues to Select the correct detail from among several similar alternatives in the Listening Section on the Institutional TOEFL.

He seems more like a brother, really, but we are just good friends.

So I asked Frank if we could room together next semester, and he said he was going to room with Geoff.

Oh, that´s too bad. Well, I know that Steve is looking for a roommate.

What did you get on the calculus exam?

A C. And I feel lucky to have it. Mike got a B, but almost everyone else got Ds and Fs.

Where can I buy a computer? It doesn´t have to be the best on the market.

You could go to a computer store, or a discount store, but if I were you, I´d look into some of the special offers through the university.

You didn´t get your grades because your name isn´t ion the roster. Did you attend the class and take the exams?

I certainly did. An I paid my fees, too.

what size do you need?

I´m not too sure. I wear a 51/2 or a 6 in Europe, and a 7 in Canada, but I think I need a 71/2 here.

I have been having the worst headaches. I know some of it is stress, but I worried that I might have something more serious, like high blood pressure.

Well, we´ll ckeck that out, of course, but first, tell me the last time you had your glasses changed. It really sound more like eye strain.

Have you started writing your paper for history?

Not yet. I´m still writing up my laboratory assignments for chemistry and studying for my midterms in English and French.

Are you glad that you came to Washington?

Yes, indeed. I´d considered going to New York or Boston, but I´ve never regretted my decision.

How to Select Details in TOEFL Dialogues

Something is wrong with second gear. it seems to run fine in reverse, and drive, but when I shift into second, the motor stalls out.

I hope that it won´t be too difficult to fix.

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