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How To Identify The Main Topic In TOEFL Dialogues


How to Remember Details in TOEFL Dialogues

I´ve been up all night finishing a paper. All I´ve had drink is coffee.

Your card is fine as long as your credit approval goes through.

No wonder Sharon won´t see you. She probably thought that such an expensive gift was inappropriate on such short acquaintance.

Do you think I stole something? This is a standard security procedure.

I’am sorry. I’d like to help you, but I just can´t. I have to take my notebook with me to work so I can study on my breaks.

The door seems to be locked. Do I need a key for the bathroom?

No. Just push hard. It sticks a little.

My roommate left, and he didn´t pay his share, so I´m stuck with all the rent and utilities for last month.

Fill out these forms and bring in your income tax records from last year. Then I´ll review your options with you.


English Vocabulary & Pronunciation

Inappropriate adjective /ˌɪn.əˈproʊ.pri.ət

Unsuitable, esp. for the particular time, place, or situation.


Inappropriately adverb /ˌɪn.əˈproʊ.pri.ə

Inappropriateness noun /ˌɪn.əˈproʊ.pri.ət.nəs/


Acquaintance noun /əˈkweɪn.təns/

A person that you have met but do not know well.


Acquaintanceship noun /əˈkweɪn.təns.ʃɪp/
A relationship between two people who have met but do not know each other well.



Use of security.


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