Identify Main Topic

How To Identify The Main Topic In TOEFL Dialogues


How to Identify Main Topic in TOEFL Dialogues

Examples of Dialogues to Identify the Main Topic in the Listening Section on the Institutional TOEFL.

The professor drilled and drilled until I couldn´t stand it. I heard he assigned a whole lot of exercises without explaining any of the grammar rules, too. I’am glad I went to the gym.

They sell gas by the gallon here. I see that the bulk food in the grocery store is sold in pounds and ounces.

You should have your mail held at the post office until you get back.

Do you know how many students were accepted in the new doctoral program?

I applied for the exchange program to Europe this year but I couldn´t go because I got sick. Nancy went to England last year, and she said it was really a great experience.

The chairs in that lecture room are really uncomfortable. They´re so small that my children wouldn´t even fit in them.

I´ve had it with my computer. I lost another paper when I tried to save it on a disk.

Because of the registration week, I was late for class, I couldn´t find a parking space.

I really like Dr. Smith, but I can´t say as much for her T.A. She´s okay as long as you go to class and get the lab reports in on time.

I used to bring my lunch to school when I was working in the Chemistry Department, but now that I´m a full-time student I just eat at the Snack Bar.




To make someone practice a skill by repeating the same thing several times.


bulk noun

Something very large, or a large amount, not divided into smaller parts.

These are words often used in combination with bulk.

  • bulk density, bulk order, bulk population, bulk production, bulk quantity, bulk tank, etc.
  • great bulk, sheer bulk, vast bulk, etc.


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