Lesson 1 First Words in Spanish


First Words Learning Spanish

How to say Hello

If you want to greet somebody, in Spanish we say Hola.


How to say Goodbye

If you want to say goodbye, in Spanish we say Adiós.


How to say Please

If you want to say please, in Spanish we say Por favor.


How to say Thank You

If we want to say thank you or thanks, in Spanish we say Gracias.


How to say Your Welcome

If somebody says thank you to you, you say you´r welcome, in Spanish we say De Nada.


How to say I’m Sorry

If you want to say that you are sorry for something, in Spanish we say Lo Siento.


How to say I Don’t Understand

Imagine a situation that you would like to say that you don’t understand something somebody speaks to you, in Spanish we say No Entiendo.


How to say Please Could You Repeat That More Slowly

If you want to ask somebody to repeat something and to say it more slowly because you don’t understand, in Spanish we say ¿Puedes Repetirlo Más Despacio Por Favor?  

How to say How do you say Something

Imagine that you would like to know how a particular thing is called, in Spanish we say ¿Cómo se dice…?


How to say What’s this?

Imagine you are shopping or you are in a restaurant or you are in a bar, and you would like to know what a particular item is by pointing to it, is Spanish we say ¿Qué es esto?.


How to say Where is…?

Imagine that you would like to know where a particular thing or place is located or placed, such as a chair, an apple, a washroom, a restaurant, a bar, a bank, etc., in Spanish we say ¿Dónde está..?


How to say… I’d like something to eat

Imagine a situation you are in a restaurant you would like something to eat. You tell somebody… I would like to eat and drink…, in Spanish we say Quiero comer… y tomar…


How to say How much is it?

If you buy or order something to eat and to drink, you have to pay and you How much is it? in Spanish we say ¿Cuánto es por esto?